May 29, 2009

VirtualBox: DHCP problem with FreeBSD

Posted in Open Source, Softwares, Tips tagged , , at 7:57 pm by Karel MALBROUKOU

Today, i got this idea.
Kick out Linux and welcome FreeBSD!!!

But yeah …. no. I just wanted to make a little place to FreeBSD in my life, and see if we fit together. BUT!!! Because there’s always a But in Shakespare in Love (not sure about how to spell that name -_-‘). I wanted to try first on VBox, but bzzzzzzzzzz. DHCP won’t work!! Bugger…

Little trick: Use PCnet-PCI II instead of PCnet-PCI III (FastEthernet for that one .. forget about it) for the network adapter.

That’s it! Easy, ain’t it?
Let’s take a look about that Demon!

Who knows, I may add a category FreeBSD later on 😛 Stay Wired!


March 3, 2009

LiarLiar – Say NO to lies

Posted in Softwares at 2:16 pm by Karel MALBROUKOU

Who never thought about knowing if your lover is lying to you or not. Kinda difficult to trust someone i would say 😛 (I love you baby haha)

Here comes Linux ! And his panel of softwares, which allows you to play detective!
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