May 22, 2009

Arghh …. My Clock ain’t o’clock!…

Posted in Tips tagged , at 9:16 pm by Karel MALBROUKOU

Well well … my Linux date wasn’t correct.
I fixed it many times, but it comes back again and again to the wrong date when i reboot… HELP!
No worries, the SkyMoz is watching over you!

You may be using NTP or the date command when you wanna to set the date of your computer, but know that both of these commands set the System Clock but not the Hardware Clock.

It is most likely that the Hardware Clock is not correct. You can set the Hardware Clock under Linux using the command: hwclock.
An easy way to do it is to set the System date with NTP, then use the command hwclock --systohc which will set the Hardware Clock from the System Clock.

Good to know ha! 😛


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